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02. How do I reset my 2FA?

At NDAX, we take resetting 2FA seriously. 2FA is your last line of protection from unwanted account takeover. Thus, you'll need to upload a 3d image of yourself and a copy of your Government-issued photo ID to reset your 2FA.

Follow these steps to reset your 2FA:

  • Enter the email associated with your NDAX account, click SEND CODE to receive an email with a 6 digit code
  • Enter the 6 digit code, click SUBMIT CODE
  • You will now get redirected to a screen asking you to read & agree with the User Agreement, Cookies Policy & Privacy Policy, Agree and click NEXT
  • Select the country that issued your document
  • Choose your document type (Passport, Driver's license, ID card, Residence permit) and upload a copy of your document 
  • Click NEXT
  • You will now be asked to take a 3D selfie. Face your camera, make sure your face stays entirely within the frame and slowly move your head in a circle to complete a 3D selfie
  • Once your documents are submitted, your request will be reviewed, and you will receive an email once your 2FA reset request status changes. 


Warning: Never share your 16 digit seed code with anyone or make any digital copies of this information. A third party with access to this code will be able to get full access to your 2-factor authentication. 

Warning: Before entering your 6 digit 2FA code to log in to your NDAX account, always ensure the URL is https://ndax.io/auth/login.