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04. Setting up Google Authenticator for 2FA

This support article will walk you through setting up Google Authenticator for 2FA

Before depositing or withdrawing funds from your NDAX account, we require that you set up 2FA. 2FA stands for two-factor authentication and is an added security feature to help protect your account over and above just using your username and password.ย 

To prevent unauthorized access to your account, once you log in with your username and password, you will be prompted to enter a 6-digit code (that changes every 30 seconds) every time you log in or request a withdrawal.ย 

Warning: Before entering your 6 digit 2FA code to log in to your NDAX account, always ensure the URL is https://ndax.io/auth/loginย  




Setting up Google Authenticator for 2FA

  • Login to https://ndax.io/
  • Once you log in you will be redirected to your dashboard
  • Click SETTINGS
  • Scroll down to Two Factor Authentication. You will see 3 steps

Step 1

  • Download and/or open the Google Authenticator app
  • On the Google Authenticator


Step 2

  • Go back to the NDAX page and scan the QR code under step number 2 with the Google Authenticator


Step 3

  • Enter the 6 digit code on the Google Authenticator
  • Click enable on the Google Authenticator app

Congratulations! You have now successfully enabled 2FA on your NDAX account! Every time you log in to your NDAX account with your username and password, you will be asked to enter a new 6-digit code that is refreshed every 30 seconds on your two-factor authentication app. 


Warning: Never share your 16 digit seed code with anyone or make any digital copies of this information. A third party with access to this code will be able to get full access to your 2-factor authentication.