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04. Warning! Rise in Scams involving Cryptocurrencies.

What you need to know before transferring funds to your account on NDAX

  • NDAX has no affiliation or association with any other companies.
  • NDAX is a Canadian-based company and has no operations outside of Canada.
  • NDAX employees do not provide any investment advice and NDAX does not employ investment advisors or brokers.
  • NDAX employees will never contact you for the purpose of providing investment advice and will never promise or guarantee a return on your investments.
  • NDAX employees will never ask you to remotely connect to your computer or download any software that will allow us to access any of your devices.

    Please note: All Cryptocurrency transactions are irreversible. NDAX will not be able to reverse a submitted withdrawal transaction. Please ensure that you know exactly where the funds are going.

    If you have been contacted by GiroFX https://girofx.com/), please contact our compliance team immediately at [email protected]

    If you believe you have been a victim of scam or fraud, please visit Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre](https://www.antifraudcentre-centreantifraude.ca/scams-fraudes/victim-victime-eng.htm) for additional information and notify [email protected

    To learn more about avoiding these scams, check out our blog:
    Protecting Yourself Against Online Fraud