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06. How do I locate a missing Interac e-Transfer deposit?

Our Find my Deposit BETA  feature allows users to send a signal to our system, letting us know that an Interac e-transfer has been sent from their bank. Our system will locate the deposit and fund the account within minutes. 

This feature is only helpful if you forgot to add your unique message number or made a typo with your unique message number. If this deposit was sent from a joint bank account or a bank account that does not match the name on your NDAX account, you will receive an email from our compliance team asking that you provide further information.

  • Login http://ndax.io
  • Click Deposit at the top of the screen
  • Select Interac e-Transfer
  • Click Missing a Deposit?
  • Enter your name exactly as it displays on your Interac e-Transfer
  • Enter the email associated with your Interac e-Transfer account
  • Enter the amount you sent
  • Enter your Interac e-Transfer reference code (See how do I locate my Interac e-Transfer reference code?)
  • Click Submit

Our system will review the request and accept your Interac e-Transfer within a couple of minutes (if eligible). Once your deposit is accepted, you will receive an email confirmation.