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16. How to recover a missing crypto deposit?

When sending XRP, XLM or EOS to NDAX, you are required to provide your wallet address and the destination tag or Memo. A Destination Tag and Memo is your unique account identifier; Failure to include your destination tag or memo in your XRP, XLM and EOS deposit will result in a 2-week delay and a potential recovery fee at the discretion of NDAX. NDAX will not be responsible for the loss of the tokens.  

Our Deposit Recovery Form BETA feature is intended for cryptocurrency deposits that require recovery. 

Deposits must fall under the below guidelines to be eligible for recovery:

  • XRP, XLM and EOS deposits that were sent without a destination tag or memo.
  • Cryptocurrency deposits are sent on an incorrect network. 

Please note:

  • NDAX will not be responsible for the loss of any tokens sent on the incorrect network or to an incorrect wallet. 
  • Deposits sent on an incorrect network may not be eligible for retrieval. 
  • Tether deposits must be sent on the ERC-20 network, failure to send Tether on the correct network (ERC-20) will result in the loss of your tokens.  

To retrieve your deposit, you will need to upload the following information:

  • A video of your transaction record from your external wallet
  • Your transaction ID (TXID, HASH)
  • Amount sent  

Please follow these steps to upload the details of your deposit for recovery:

  • Login to NDAX
  • Click the NDAX SYMBOL on the top left-hand corner
  • Click the WALLET from the dropdown menu
  • Select the Cryptocurrency you wish to recover
  • Click MISSING DEPOSIT at the bottom of the screen 
  • You will now be prompted to enter the AMOUNT, TRANSACTION ID and UPLOAD IMAGE OR VIDEO ( Of your transaction record from your external wallet to validate the authenticity of your deposit)
  • Click SUBMIT

Our team will review your request and deposit your funds within 0-15 days (If eligible). Once your deposit recovery request has been accepted or rejected, you will receive an email. 

If your deposit does not match these guidelines, please email [email protected] with your deposit amount and your transaction ID/TXID.