Part 1
Login to
Click Settings on the left-hand side of the screen
Scroll down to Two Factor Authentication. You will see 3 steps.

Part 2 Downloading Authy on your desktop
Now go to (
Scroll down to the desktop, select Windows 32bit or MacOS
Click Download
Go to your downloads folder on your desktop and click on the Authy application

You will be prompted to add your phone number and click Next
Then enter your email address and click Next

You will be asked to get verified via SMS or Phone Call (If you select phone call type in the registration code provided when prompted to)
You will get a SMS (text message) or a phone call with a 6 digit verification code
Enter the code in to the text box

Part 3 Adding an account
Select (+) in the middle of the screen

You will be asked to enter a code

Go back to NDAX
Click on the rectangle on step number 2 to copy the red code

Go back to the Authy application

Paste (ctrl + V) the code and click Add Account

Type in NDAX, select Generic Black, 6-digit and click Save

You will now get a 6 digit token that changes every 30 seconds.

Copy that 6 digit code on NDAX on step number 3
Click Enable
You will be logged out and asked to log back in
You now have 2FA enabled on your desktop
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