Getting Started

  • You will receive a confirmation email
  • Open the email, click ACTIVATE ACCOUNT, you will be redirected back to NDAX
  • Log in with your username and password
  • You will be prompted to verify your identity, click VERIFY IDENTITY

(If the site doesn't prompt you to verify your account, follow these steps)

Enter Your Personal Information

  • Fill in your Date of Birth and SIN (SIN is optional)
  • Click CONTINUE

Enter Your Contact Information

  • Enter your Phone Number and Address (Country, City, Province, Unit #, Building #, Street, and Postal Code)
  • Click CONTINUE

Enter Additional Information

  • Select your Account Type and Employment Type

If your employment type is Retired, Homemaker, Unemployed or Student you will be asked to:

If your employment type is Employed or Self Employed you will be asked to:

  • Enter your Source of Income.
  • Select Type of Business
  • Enter Employer Name and Job Title
  • Click CONTINUE

Phone Number Verification

You will be asked to verify your phone number. Select your preferred method SMS or Call Me.

  • You will receive an SMS or phone call with a 6-digit code, enter that code in the space below and click SUBMIT

Identity Verification

You will now be directed to upload a Valid Government-Issued ID

and A Selfie.


Driver's Licence

ID Card

  • Take a photo of the front page of your passport
  • Upload a picture of the front and back of your Driver's Licence
  • Upload a picture of the front and back of your ID Card

Note: Click Continue on your phone, to proceed on your phone. This is the easiest way to continue as you can directly take an image of your ID and a selfie from your phone.

  • Click NEXT

Submit a Selfie

Your last step will be to submit a selfie

  • Click I'M READY

Follow the instructions on the screen to scan your face. Face your camera. Make sure your face stays entirely within the frame. Slowly move your head in a circle to complete a 3D scan. If you run into issues with scanning your face using the circular motion try to look up, down, to the right, to the left.


Your documents have been submitted for review. You will be notified via email with your verification status within 1 business day.

If you have any questions feel free to contact NDAX's Support Team or Compliance Team

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