XRP is Ripple's native cryptocurrency. The token is used as a transfer of value on RippleNet. Ripplenet connects financial institutions and payment providers. It has a dual mandate as a cryptocurrency and as a digital payment network for financial transfers and transactions. XRP enables a near-instant and direct transfer of money between two parties much more quickly and efficiently than other blockchain protocols and traditional financial institutions.

Any type of currency can be exchanged with XRP on the Ripple blockchain protocol. XRP helps banks, payment providers, and money services businesses reduce their transaction times and costs, while also allowing them to access new markets. This is especially beneficial when making financial transactions to the more remote and developing regions of the world that do not have access to traditional banking institutions and infrastructure. Existing settlement systems most often use US dollars as a common currency. This creates currency exchange fees and can take time. By first converting into XRP, rather than USD, exchange fees are eliminated, and the processing of payments is reduced to seconds.

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