I sent an Interac e-transfer, but it has not shown up in my NDAX account 

  • The biggest cause of delays in receiving your Interac e-transfer deposit is not including the message code from the NDAX deposit screen into your financial institution online banking platform.
  • You have not created a ticket on NDAX from your wallet, when sending an e-transfer to NDAX it requires you to both send the e-transfer from your bank and submit the deposit form on the NDAX website (with the exact amount of the e-transfer). Here's how to submit the deposit form so we can fund your account:


  1. Login to http://ndax.io
  2. Click Deposit at the top of your screen
  3. Select Interac e-transfer
  4. Fill out your name and amount and click Save and Continue
  5. Click Deposit 


  1. Login to http://ndax.io
  2. At the top left hand corner click the NDAX symbol
  3. From the pull down menu click Wallets
  4. Click the Fiat tab
  5. Click Canadian Dollars
  6. Click Deposit
  7. Choose interac e-transfer
  8. Enter your name and amount you have sent through the etransfer and click Save
  9. Click Deposit

For step by step instructions on how to send an e-transfer click here

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